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31.05.2022 UGC

UGC, TikTok and Co. How to impress Gen-Z in marketing

As generations shift, it's essential for marketers to stay on top of the latest trends to understand what each generation is demanding. While tailoring messages to each generation can be challenging, it can also prove extremely rewarding in terms of profitability and marketing ROI. So how can you help with this...

31.05.2022 UGC

6 reasons why UGC production should be left to the professionals

There's no denying it: every company needs good video content these days. And companies that really want to keep up with the times are also increasingly turning to authentic user-generated content. But, if you run a business, you're probably already responsible for a variety of tasks. What's more, producing these very videos is a really complex...

30.05.2022 UGC

User-generated content is now more important than you think

User-generated content is growing in importance every day as more consumers seek the advice and guidance of people they consider their peers. Those companies that harness the potential of UGC in time will be rewarded - not only with higher sales, but also with more engaged consumers who are excited to be part of the brand community....